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Families or small groups can make completed parcels. Parcels will go inside our Christmas Baskets. We will add curated items and deliver the baskets to local widows. Each PARCEL should be geared toward a family of five and will cost approximately $XXX . All items should be kept in original packaging when possible. Suggested items should include the following 3-4 items per parcel:

This is your Service Description. Use this space to explain this service in more detail.

Family Fun PARCEL suggestions: estimated valuation $

Movie theater tickets (example here) $30

Family experience (bowling; top golf; science museum; aquarium; miniature golf; etc.) $

A fun family game (example here) $15

Self-care PARCEL suggestions: estimated valuation $

Mani-pedi (can be purchased from local vendor in your community) $75

Cozy socks or slippers (example here) $20

Specialty lotion or body wash (example here) $25

Sephora Gift Card (example here) $40

Food PARCEL suggestions: estimated valuation $

Specialty honey, jam, candies and/or chocolates (example here) $25

Restaurant gift cards (example here) $75 or greater per restaurant

Sweet & Savory snack boxes (example here) $50

Activity PARCEL for widows’ children: estimated valuation $

Activity packs will be included in Christmas Baskets for widows who have school-aged children and/or teens. Suggested items include your family’s favorite books, favorite candies, a card game, a blind bag of LEGOs; gift cards; etc.

*If you purchase multiple items in a package, our team will separate them.

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