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Donate Your Skills

Volunteering a day to work on behalf of widow is one of the easiest ways you can help widows in your community. We regularly schedule days to serve a widow in her home or on her property. We meet with the widow in her home and review a "wish list" with her. Sometimes the items on her list are things she is no longer able to do by herself. Sometimes they are items she and her husband were going to complete together. There is a wide variety of items we collaborate with her to complete. We carefully gather a team of volunteers, just like you, who are willing and able to serve a widow in the community. Volunteers must complete a background check through a third party professional back ground check service called Checkr. Each volunteer must have a cleared check prior to serving a widow in her home. We take the safety of volunteers and widows very seriously and believe that performing a background check, at our expense, is one of the ways we provide protection for volunteers and widows being served.

We would love to have you join us by donating your time for heavy lifting, painting, yard maintenance, home repair, plumbing, building, organizing, cleaning, etc.

If you have a specific skill set of services that you would like to offer to widows in your area, please click the "Offer Services" link below and we will be in touch.

If you are ready to volunteer for our next work day; please click the "Register HERE" link below to start the process.

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