"walking with widows"



Founder | CEO

Marina's only sister was widowed in 2016. Prior to that she had several friends experience the loss of their life partners. She set out on a mission to bring holistic care to widows by not only connecting them with other widows, but also empowering their families and support networks to continue walking alongside their widowed friends. Marina is a wife and mother to five daughters. Although she is a California native, she resides in Austin, TX with her husband, daughters and their ShihTzu named Valentino.



Board of Directors | President

Sandy has been with Sacred Share since the beginning. Sandy knows first-hand the challenges and struggles that widows face. In 2013, just two days before Christmas, Sandy's husband died. She is passionate about joy, hope, and building healthy relationships. She started The Widows Table, a program connecting widows. It is often said around the table, "It's just good to breathe the same air with sisters who get it." Sandy is raising her children in Silicon Valley, CA and works full time.  



Board of Directors | Secretary

Annette joined Sacred share with a heart of servitude and a passion for helping others. She has walked alongside widowed family members and friends very dear to her. Annette has a heart for nonprofit organizations and has worked with several nonprofits in Northern California. She is a stay-at-home mom and enjoys spending the day with her 4-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.  As a family she and her husband love to travel and experience different cultures and foods



Board of Directors | Treasurer

Hannah joined Sacred Share with the experience to help take our organization to the next level. She also knows first-hand the challenges and struggles that widows face. Hannah's husband died in an accident leaving her with three small children. She is passionate about healing her widowed heart and raising her children well. She lives in Central Texas  with her children and works full time.

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Board of Directors | Communications

Jennifer has several family members and friends who are widows and has a desire to support other widows and their families in any way she can. She has been a teacher, speech pathologist assistant, foster parent, children's and youth leader, and a church administrator.  She is a loving wife, twice-published author, and mother of three. She lives in Buda, TX.



Board of Directors | Development

Nathan is responsible for cultivating new initiatives and relationships to strengthen the organization’s impact and overall fundraising capacity. Nathan and his wife invited his widowed sister-in-law and her three children to live in his home for a year after the death of her husband. He witnessed her process of grief that first year firsthand. Nathan is a loving husband and father of five. He resides in Austin, TX with his wife and children.



Board of Directors | Widows Table

Brenda joined Sacred Share with a vision to connect widows with other widows. After nearly 15 years of marriage, her husband died unexpectedly in 2013. She has a heart for other widows and is focused on supporting them on their journey via The Widows Table and GriefShare. She works full time and is raising her children in Northern California.



Executive Team | Hearts & Hands

Sarah joined Sacred Share with a heart to love and an aptitude for getting things done. She loves to put faith into action. Sarah and her family have walked alongside many widows. She has worked closely with our Chief Executive to cultivate programs inviting community members to assist widows in their networks. She lives in Central Texas with her husband and three children.



Executive Team | Marketing

Marissa knows first-hand what it looks like to walk alongside widows. Her own father died when she was a girl and she has taken the experience of that tragedy into her life as a point of empathy as she walks alongside friends who have been widowed. Marissa oversees Widows Table communications. She is our all-around technical guru.