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Becoming an Emotionally Healthy Woman
Membership Forum


a safe space for all women to journey into emotional health while fostering a community that encourages growth and connection


Emotional Health is having an awareness, understanding and acceptance of our emotions and the emotions of others PLUS having the ability to manage our emotions effectively especially during difficult times. 


I work with women who are grieving and with people in their lives who want to support them through their grief. I have come to realize that most of us don't know how to support our loved ones through their pain. The most effective way to walk with others in loss (and throughout all of life) is to become emotionally & spiritually healthy. Consider this another step on your journey.


Women register to become a part of a membership forum. We meet together during regularly scheduled zoom meetings for discussion and times of sacred sharing. Women can also choose to participate in our book club discussions that happen throughout the year. 

Membership Details:

BASIC MEMBERSHIP is currently available three months at a time.

(Jan-Mar) (Apr-June) (July-Sept) (Oct-Dec)

Weekly check-ins via private group

Twice/month; Pre-recorded videos on emotional health teaching/training released

Optional homework to further your emotional health growth

Twice/month: LIVE evening gatherings to connect & discuss emotional health teaching that was pre-released

One group heart healing session each quarter

Early Access to & Discount Pricing for Practicing Presence and other workshops or groups

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