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Prayer Initiative

What is the Prayer Initiative?

Our Prayer Initiative is a group of people who partner with us to pray for our widows.

This committed team of people receive widows' prayer requests from our CARE Team 1-2x month. They pray for widows during their own prayer time. They meet together once per quarter via live web conferencing on Zoom (we're spread throughout the United States) to hear praise reports, pray together and share what God is speaking. Additionally, this time together helps to foster community within the Prayer Partners at Sacred Share.

We would love to invite you to join our Prayer Partners and pray with us for these widows and their specific requests. We know you believe in the power of prayer like we do. Will you join us as we walk with widows in this powerful way?

Let’s Pray Together

If you are interested in becoming one of our Prayer Partners, please get in touch below.

We will conduct a brief interview and may require references. Thank you for caring for the safety of our widows.

Thanks for submitting!

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