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Here’s what we know from working with widows still raising their kids: They are overwhelmed and overtaxed. Each of the families we are helping this year have been identified as financially needy. These single mothers manage each aspect of their children’s schedules no longer having their father to help with the emotional toll & financial burden that Back to School takes. It tends to be a tremendous strain each year.

This year our "Back to School" program runs from July 16th to August 6th. You can make a financial donation HERE towards food, clothing or school supplies for her and her kids as they enter a new school year.


Back to School is  a hectic time of the year.  Your financial donations help us stock her pantry with family favorites.

Kid Eating Snack


This is one of the biggest needs for these single mothers of growing children: new school clothing and shoes. We love to bless these families with these much needed items.

Kids tying shoelaces


Sometimes there are new supplies needed. Her high school student may need a special calculator this year or maybe her kid really did use all those pencils. Whatever it is, we want to help as her kids enter another school year.

School Supplies
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