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New Hope For A New Year!

Happy New Year!

Remember when writing checks was a thing, and in January you would always write out the wrong year? Ha, if you’re too young to remember that, be blessed friend! I am reflecting on December 2019 – remember how we envisioned 2020? 20-20 vision, the year everything comes into focus………..errrrr that didn’t go as planned!

I love new things, who doesn't? Whether it’s a new purse, clothes, or a new experience there is an excitement that comes with new things. While many of us are glad to see 2020 in the rear-view, it’s given me great perspective on what I want this New Year to hold. Years past my list of resolutions would run the gamut, from losing weight to traveling to new places, basically all the things! 2020 has been a blessing in terms of what I want for my future and how I’ll prioritize my time this year.

As I sit on the brink of a new year I do have paper and pen ready to jot down a few thoughts and hopes for 2021. I know now more than ever that health is true wealth, so that will make the list. Also I’ll spend more time with family and friends on purpose this year. I will purpose to be grateful for life in and out of hardships and tough days. I will complain less and be more spontaneous and laugh even when it might be easier to cry.

As the newness of this New Year fades I pray that you value the days you have and that you on purpose live some of your best days, laugh some of your heartiest laughs and make some new memories!

To 2021 and to you!


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