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Happy November! I know I know, we all are having similar experiences and maybe are thinking the same things – How can it be November already while simultaneously feeling like this has been the longest year of any other year lived!

I hope where ever you are you’re approaching this hallowed time of thankfulness with a handful of things to be thankful for. 2020 reminds me a lot of 2013 the year I lost my husband. The year following loss I had to work hard to be thankful. I had to squeeze gratefulness out of my soul like you squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube to keep from going to target again– it was a job.

However, it prepared me for 2020. Friends this year has been hard, it seems we have been sieged on all sides, it’s been a fight to have peace at times. Never have we lived through a Pandemic, publicized Racial Injustice and the aftermath, and a contentious election. It’s been traumatizing!

If you are reading this and struggling with being thankful here are a few things to start. Make a list every day from now until Turkey Day, name 2-3 things you’re thankful for. When I started this habit it looked like this:

Day 1 – My kids are alive and we have food

Day 2 – I could pay rent and I’m not suicidal

Day 3 – Someone sent me a card and bought me coffee

Day 21 – The sun warmed my shoulders and I really laughed

Day 50 – I felt hopeful for my future.

Now, I am not signing you up to write your gratitude’s every day for the rest of your life but what I’ve learned is, when you go looking for things to be thankful for they become easier to spot. I am grateful for you being a part of Sacred Share and even if you can’t see it I’m hopeful for your future. I hope your November is filled with joy, kindness and peace. Mostly, I hope you're finding things on purpose to treasure and be grateful for.

Love and hope,


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